« Being able to use infra-red cameras on a UAV platform open new possibilities for architects and engineers in the field of energy efficiency ».

Vision-Air now offers the possibility to fulfill thermal imaging shootings for private houses or industrial plants. Infrared imagery has now become one of the most advanced tools to check solar plants.

The top-notch FLIR camera, offers a resolution of 640x480 pixels. It allows detecting the slightest defects and so to choose the right actions.



This is a demo image

Here is an example of images in the thermal imaging software. The hot spots are clearly detected. The temperature of each single pixel (meaning 307200 points!) can be known, allowing producing a highly detailed report. Every thermal image has its double in RGB (visible light).

This is a demo image
This is a demo image
This is a demo image

Global view and dteails of a problematic photovoltaic plant. Failing cells are clearly visible, this allowing to change them in order to keep the electricity production at its planed level.

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